Part 3 of a 3 Part Discussion of the Concept of Biblical Worldview

The three fundamentals revealed by the four worldview questions are that you must know what you believe, why you believe it, and why it matters. Ideas have consequences. Bad ideas have terrible consequences. God ideas give you life. Other ideas lead to frustration of your purpose.

‘What you believe’ launches you into all you do. Only if you have good reason for those beliefs, if you know why you believe the way you do, can you access those beliefs for the most effective action. Action launches us from information to formation and is propelled by purpose. Your purpose, the answer to question four, is revealed by knowing where you came from, what went wrong and Who the solution is. The answers to these questions bring you into focus and clarity that informs everything you do – it launches you toward purpose.

A Biblical Worldview Launches Toward Your Purpose

A Biblical Worldview Launches Toward Your Purpose


What is Your Purpose?

As I stated in the last article, when God created and placed man in the garden he gave him a job: he was given responsibility for everything in and on the earth. That is the meaning of ‘Image.’  It is more than ‘look-alike’; it is a ‘do-alike.’  We were created and placed here to act by the authority of Heaven for the good of the earth.

I have seven wonderful grandchildren. Each one is unique and different from the other, yet, with each we have found ourselves saying that some expression of theirs is just like their mother or father; that some action or mannerism is just like that of one of their parents. One of my grandsons disassembles all of his toys just like his father always has. As much as he enjoys the toy he wants to know more about it and discover its parts. Because his father has disassembled so many toys and seen how the parts work, he has become a master at fixing things that are broken or making them more powerful.

Just like my grandson’s way of investigating his toys is a reflection of his father’s creativity, so how you engage the world around you is a reflection of your Father who created all things.

In the earth, God hid everything you would ever want. Your purpose is two fold: first to conceive of what is not yet but could be.  Then, as His Image bearer, bring that into existence.  Using the substances God hid in the earth for you to use to make new ones you expand His work. Although you do not create ex nihilo (out of nothing), you do create: you make what has not existed from the substance created by the One who did create ex nihilo.  Your mind has conceived of things that have never existed and you create them out of the existence that was created for you to use.

This is the Cultural Commission: “[You] Go into all the world and rule, reign, subdue, make, and enjoy! When you do this, you remind everything of Me!”

This is what you do in the work you do. This is why you do that work. Without this understanding your work is reduced to mere toil. Your work, all of your work, is much more important than you might believe.

God visited the earth often just after creation. He’s going to visit again soon and this will be His permanent home – the New Earth in the New Heaven where God is its ruler and we rule and reign with Him in our midst! Our purpose is to do our best to make this earth a place for Him. When He returns there is no doubt He’ll have some fixin’ up to do here, but it’s our job to get it ready for the remodel.  As a person of faith your purpose is to reveal God to the world; Your purpose is to remind this world of its Creator.

That’s why what you believe matters. That’s the difference between digging in the dirt for the fun of it and turning that same dirt into bricks and building a magnificent skyscraper. That’s the difference between making a sand castle on the beach and transforming that same sand into the substance that makes the computer through which you are reading this article possible.

It is only when you know your purpose, and are working with that purpose in mind, that you avoid the pitfalls of all other worldviews.  They reveal no purpose at all for your existence.

Now, let this understanding of how Worldview informs your purpose launch you toward doing something that reminds us of your Father!

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Discussion Question: How did today’s article impact your thinking on worldview or purpose?

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