Part 2 of  a 3 part discussion of the concept of Biblical Worldview

Do you have a way that you make sense out of the world? Does the world make sense to you? Is it confusing? Do the rules seem to change on you from time to time?

It could be that you need to remodel your understanding of how the world works, why it works the way it does and why it matters. This is called forming a worldview.

Many wise philosophers and scientists throughout the ages have sought to define the world we live in. Even Einstein’s theory of relativity was an attempt to formulate how everything that exists relates to everything else. His famous but simple formula is intended to be an expression of the unity of the universe.

The view of the world from Heaven’s viewpoint is a Biblical Worldview.

Earth - from one million miles away.  NASA/NOAA 

Earth – from one million miles away.  NASA/NOAA

Formulating an accurate and effective worldview is nearly impossible if you approach it from the wrong perspective. Today scientists and philosophers try to build worldview from a perspective that begins within us and looking outward. Both of these fields of endeavor recognize that there is something dependable; something predictable in the world in which we live. They observe and catalog their observations and then try to explain what they have observed.

Is that a dependable way to fully understand the world or the universe in which we exist?  What if we had a view from the outside of our existence that could see everything we see, and so much more, that we cannot see? Would that be a more dependable way to understand the world and order our thinking and actions?

I believe so. That perspective is from Heaven – God’s perspective. He claims to have created us and to know the answers to all our questions. You can either dismiss His answers or you can investigate and learn from Him.

Many of our ‘wisest’ philosophers and scientists have chosen to dismiss this viewpoint as irrelevant. Instead they prefer their insider’s perspective.

It hasn’t always been this way. Many of the fathers of modern science began their investigation, not as a search for how things came into being, but because of their belief of Who was. Their concept of God was that He was orderly. To learn more about Him they studied the the things he created. There they expected to find order and structure as they searched deeper and deeper into the mysteries of science.  They were not disappointed: They were eager to think “God’s thoughts after Him.”

In the previous installment I introduced four fundamental questions critical to determining an accurate worldview. I also stated that the only worldview that answered all four of these questions is the Biblical Worldview.

Here are the four questions with a brief explanation of the Biblical Worldview’s answer to them.

Where Did I Come From?

If you don’t know where you come from, you probably don’t know where your going. If you have no specific origin what difference does your destination make?

The Biblical Worldview agrees with scripture that all things were created by God. By the act of creation, God prepared a perfect environment in which to place the pinnacle of His creation – man. God personally sculpted us out of the clay He created. Just as purposefully He breathed His own breath into our bodies. He endowed us with some of His characteristics: in fact, scripture informs us that we bear His image.

What’s Wrong with the World?

There isn’t a one of us that doesn’t know that something is wrong – that something has gone terribly wrong. Instinctively we know the world is broken and in need of repair. By that same intuition we know we should be better than we are.

That thing that has gone so terribly wrong is the little three letter word that the world hates to hear: sin. Sin is the rebellion against the creator: the failure to fulfill our purpose.

That the staunchest skeptic among us knows that there is something wrong tells us that there must also be something right; something that was supposed to be that isn’t. That can only be true if there is an absolute reference by which we can measure. That leads us back to that three letter word.

Our disdain for that word is so severe that we cannot admit to any possibility of a solution with an outside perspective.

Is There a Solution?

No. By any of the world’s insider’s observations there is no solution and no promise of a solution. Each application of our ingrown wisdom leads us further into chaos and proves the futility of our own thinking. Solutions offered run a wide gamut. The range is from us being better to us not being at all. It purports that we should restrict every sensual pleasure or that we revel in every pleasure we can possibly imagine. We vacillate from seeking an inanimate force of nature that controls our lives to seeking ourselves as our own divinity.

Just as we need an outsider’s view to understand the world we live in, we need an outsider to provide a solution. Jesus was, is and always will be that solution. He is the only solution. With Him as the solution we are reconciled to the creator and redirected and empowered to fulfill our purpose.

What is My Purpose?

When God created and placed man in the garden he gave him a job: he was given responsibility for everything in and on the earth. That is the meaning of ‘image’ it isn’t as much a ‘look-alike’ thing as it is a ‘do-alike.’  We were created and placed here to act according to the authority of Heaven for the good of the earth.

God visited often in those early days. He’s going to visit again soon, and the earth will be His permanent home – the New Earth in the New Heaven where God is its ruler and we rule and reign with Him in our Midst! The image in which we were created was not the shape of God but the purpose of God.

The answers to these four questions equips us to navigate every situation life throws at us. It provides a reference by which all decisions can be made. We know that everything we think or say or do matters. Why? I will explore that in the next installment.  See you there.


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