The intersection of Faith and Politics is turbulent and tough to navigate. What are the issues that drive the turmoil? Does God have political opinions? Why does my vote matter if I don’t see a clear choice? Whose side should I be on? What is at stake?

These and other questions will be addressed by a panel of political experts who share a faith perspective.

Political views may vary. As people of faith we must be able impact the culture in which we live. However, our influence must be winsome rather than arrogant, scornful or repulsive.

Political parties are locked into positions by their ideologies. As people of faith, we are not: We are guided by the revealed truth of scripture and our best understanding of that truth.

Our role is to be influential by proposing rather than imposing. Our way of life leads to the best results possible in any cultural venue. Our faith is not irrelevant to public debate. It is not inappropriate. It is vitally necessary. Although we have no right or mandate to fix the world by fiat, we are obliged to influence it by the example of good leadership.

It is important to know what you believe, why you believe it, and why what you do matters.

Join us Wednesday, August 17, at 7:00 to get in on the discussion.

The location is New City Church located at 7456 Nieman Rd, Shawnee, KS, in the Trail Ridge shopping center on the Northwest corner of 75th and Nieman.

Bring your questions and comments and share in this discussion,  I will moderate a discussion with Derek Kreifels and Mike Pirner.  They will share their insights and experiences as people of faith who have invested themselves in the political arena.

Derek Kreifels is the President of the State Financial Officers Foundation (SFOF). As President of SFOF he is charged with leading the national organization and collaborating with like-minded state officials to promote fiscally responsible, free market principles

to better impact state and federal financial policy. Kreifels is charged with ensuring that SFOF’s fiscal, operational, fundraising, marketing, and communication strategies are effectively implemented.

Kreifels has spent the last 24 years advising and working with various federal, state, and local leaders. He has served as the Assistant State Treasurer and Chief of Staff to Kansas State Treasurer Ron Estes from 2011 until 2016. Kreifels has served as Secretary of the Kansas Republican Party for the past 4 years and most recently served as one of 40 delegates representing Kansas to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.  He received his undergraduate degree from Wichita State University and his Masters from Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. He and his wife Melanie have attended New City for almost four years and live in Shawnee.

Mike Pirner is a lifelong resident of Johnson County, graduating from Shawnee Mission West in 1995 and then the University of Missouri in 1999 with a degree in political science.  He has been involved in Republican politics for nearly 22 years, when he began working in a Congressional office at the age of 17.
Over the the last ten years, Mike has become a political professional focused on website design, social media development, campaign

management, consulting, and specifically grassroots activism, which he has become particularly known for here in Kansas.

Last year, he launched his own company, Bold Lines Grassroots, a political consulting firm focused on, not surprisingly, developing the grassroots. His efforts focus exclusively on helping pro-life conservative candidates. His current client list includes Congressman Kevin Yoder, Kansans for Life, State Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook, Sheriff-elect Cal Hayden and numerous elected officials and candidates here in Kansas.

Mike is Chair of the Northwest Johnson County Republicans, served on the Johnson County Charter Commission in 2011, and is in his fifth year of service on the Board of Commissioners for the Johnson County Parks & Recreation District.  Mike became a Christian in 2001 and he and his wife of 8 years, Michelle, attend New City Church.