Creativity is a Reflection of Your Divine Origin

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. What creature, besides man, needs something and has the ability to invent it: conceive of it and then create it? What is it in man that enables him to create?

One of the world’s most prolific thinkers and inventors was Leonardo DaVinci. On a recent tour of a Da Vinci exhibit I was impressed with the breadth of his endeavors. His interests and ideas seemed virtually endless: music, solar power, mathematics, architecture, anatomy, philosophy, astronomy, aviation, weaponry to begin with.

In his notebooks Leonardo made visionary drawings of things visible only to his mind’s eye:  helicopters, bridges, machine guns, tanks, and submarines. Virtually none of these imaginatively inventive ideas was implemented in his lifetime, yet they inspired many and continue to work their way into the fabric of modern life.

It is hard to pin down all that he believed and the exact quality of his devotional life, but it seems clear he used science as a way of discovering and revealing the secrets hidden by God in His creation. In Da Vinci we see an extraordinary example man’s inventiveness reflecting a divine origin.

One of the reflections of the divine origin of humans is that uniquely human ability to create. To have a need or desire, imagine a solution, and bring that imagined solution into existence. Transforming the imaginary into reality is done routinely. Realize it or not, you do that on a daily basis.

Consider that you are, at this moment, reading something that I created out of the imagination of my mind; something that has never existed before. The imagination of my mind has been brought into pixel reality and is being engaged by you. You are having an encounter with my imagination. Please do not be alarmed!

This is an absurdly simple example. But before you cast it aside as trivial or irrelevant, consider a few things that had to be imagined and then brought into reality before this seemingly simple transaction between my thoughts and your eyes had any possibility of being.

When you read my words, you read them through the reality already given to the imaginations of an untold host of others. First, the keyboard I type on is the product of imaginations that conceived of how tiny springs, electronic theory, paint, metallurgy, and plastics technology, (just to name a few of the links in the thought chain) could be combined into something useful. Then, this branch of the technology tree finds its way through many other branches and limbs, each necessary before my keyboard could exist.

Multiply this through the imagination to reality processes that make the screen you are viewing this on possible, the Internet or mobile connection through which the information is transmitted, and yes, even the bureaucracy that pays the people involved and creates the vehicles that ship the components, and including the food that feeds the workers that produce the raw materials for the inventors and workers who ultimately make and deliver the end product.

Multiply this by every human interaction, business start up, and transaction and you may begin to grasp the enormity of the creative mind God has given us. That is a glimpse of the uniqueness of the human mind. I don’t know about you, but that blows my mind.

Do you see how extraordinarily special you are? Every day of your life you create something that has never existed before and would not exist unless you thought of it. You combine ideas and the present reality of other people’s past ideas into new creations every day.

Don’t dismiss that thought too quickly.  I’m saying that about you, not just geniuses like Leonardo Da Vinci.

If you organize the work of others, you create a plan that did not exist. Execute that plan and your imagination is translated into a reality which only possibility existed in your mind.

Sell a product and you translate the imagination of an inventor and the imagination of a consumer into a reality.  This is possible only because you thought it was good and necessary and stepped into the creative process to translate thought into reality.

We are all part of the intricate but huge web of imaginations being brought into reality. One person, alone, is never enough to complete the potential of a good thought. Much of what exists is the legacy of good thoughts shared with others. These others then ally together to apply resources and previous good thoughts to bring about new and exciting realities.

Da Vinci envisioned many machines and other applications for improving the quality of life or for protecting it. Most of those needed the additional imagination of future generations to conceive of and create the necessary possibilities revealed only formerly in his imagination.

Sketches left by Leonardo became maps to treasures for future generations. His machines knew little about high strength, light weight materials, and the then invisible qualities of aerodynamics or  physics. Only because of the past dreams having been brought to life does the present era provide the things, like turbine engines and airplanes, to become practicalities.

In the garden were all the necessities that man needed to fuel his imagination and to translate that imagination into reality. All these eons later we have not exhausted the possibilities which once existed only in the mind of God.

What he really needed was a motive. It all started with bread.  Bread is the mother of invention. Stay tuned.

Why bread? Let’s continue that discussion in the next article.

Now it’s your turn:
What is the most creative thing you have ever done?

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