Faith Has God Not A Party

Thinking on the firestorm of current political rhetoric I asked which side is God on? I was reminded of when Joshua asked this question in his encounter with the Captain of the LORD’s Host.

Joshua was intent on doing the right thing. After all, he was on a mission for God. He had personally been assigned the task of leading the people of Israel into the land of Canaan. So when he encounters a military entity, he naturally wants to know whose side he is on. Is he friend or foe?

When Joshua asked that question (Joshua 5:13) he did not anticipate the response he was about to receive. Postured to fight or to ally himself with this unidentified representative he interpreted this encounter in light of his own personal commission – his personal experience.

Joshua asked point blank, “Are you for us or for our adversaries?” The surprising answer he received was, “No; rather I indeed come now as captain of the host of the LORD.”

It was then that Joshua changed both his physical and his mental posture. Physically he bowed before this commander. Spiritually he submitted to the Commander’s authority. His mission and engagement ceased to be against the Canaanites and for the LORD.

The shift was subtle. Although many of the details remained unchanged the motivation for those details and the attention to each detail was brought sharply into focus.


You may be asking a question similar to Joshua’s. Which political side is God on? Is God a Republican or a Democrat? As Joshua found out, that’s the wrong question.

As you prepare to go to the polls and vote on Tuesday, November the 8th, do what Joshua did. Don’t go as a Republican or Democrat. Don’t go as a Trump supporter or Clinton supporter. Change your physical and spiritual posture: go as a representative of the LORD’s army.

Posture yourself in prayer for the candidates and the issues. Let God speak to you about them. Ask Him what the issues are that are being obscured by the rhetoric. Ask for wisdom to know how to make the best choice. Choose the candidates that most closely represent what you know represents the Father’s heart in Justice, Mercy, Compassion, Truth, and Love.

Posture yourself spiritually to discern the truth of the issues and persons on the ballots. The candidates are certainly flawed. Many of the issues are obscured. The well rehearsed phrases are often counterfeits and distract from the real impact of a promise kept.

This is difficult work but it is the work Kingdom Citizens like you and I are called to do.


If you need some help combing through the issues, I have found Decision Magazine to be very helpful in seeing many of the issues that are at stake. You can access that HERE.

You might find my free Resource Guide useful as you continue to research the issues. You can access that by clicking the button below.

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A bit of ‘sweat equity’ as you prepare to vote as a representative of the Kingdom of God in a kingdom of man is vital to the health of our nation as well as the purposes of our God.

Vote on November 8!


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Discussion Question: What is the most difficult barrier you have encountered this year in making your decision as to how to cast your votes.



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