Mother of Invention – Pt 3

Papa Murphy’s Pizza advertises “love at 425 degrees.” That is some hot love! Love is a word that has been diluted to the point that we use the same speech toward chocolate as we do toward a child, toward a puppy as a parent or toward a blouse as a spouse.

So, how can Papa Murphy’s deliver on their love promise?  Probably in a way they may not fully understand.

Good Ideas Love Your Neighbor

Good Ideas Love Your Neighbor

This series started with a review of the inventive mind of Leonardo Da Vinci.  My claim  there was that necessity was the mother of invention. That is, that the basic needs of life drive the incredible mechanical inventions that have eased labor and increased the availability of food.

We also learned we are all part of the intricate but huge web of imaginations being brought into reality. One person, alone, is never enough to complete the potential of a good thought. Much of what exists is the legacy of good thoughts shared with others. These others then ally together to apply resources and previous good thoughts to bring about new and exciting realities.

Modern improvements which have resulted from great inventive minds have gone far above satisfying basic needs of survival to simplifying the delivery of basic needs in a way that allows freedom to pursue family fun with ease. So, when mom is freed from the stove, the the work is done elsewhere and love happens at home.

The earth, having responded to the ‘sweat of our brow’ has provided abundantly so that not only do we mine ores and build machines, but we are now able to mine ideas and concepts and harness them into food delivery systems that are their own industries. These industries provide jobs for hired employees as well as those who work for the chain of goods and services consumed by the manufacturer of 425 degree love. All these families eat and play on the salaries earned and have enough left over to buy additional goods and services which in turn spreads the love.

The sweat of our brows are producing more than ever before. At the core of it, business, good business at least, is one of the most important ways we love our neighbor. Love distributed through  networks of commerce always deposit wealth in every participant in that chain. When the chain is connected by links of loving intent instead of greed and selfishness, every link is blessed. Every link blesses.

You are a link in one of these chains. Only through you does what is passed to you get passed on to the next link. Love is not a feeling it is a system of providing for the needs of those we love – of giving them the opportunity to have a sweaty brow that God has promised to bless.  Bread leads to inventiveness; inventiveness leads to more bread. In view of the 2nd greatest commandment, sharing bread is as marvelously loving as it is inventive.

Now it’s your turn: Do you agree or disagree with me? What would you add?

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Charlie Blair, 
Chief Engagement Officer


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