What Do You Want Your Business Legacy To Be?

On your tombstone would prefer it read, “He went to church every Sunday,” or “Here lies Charlie. He took God to work with him every day?”

Many businessmen and business women are busily writing their epitaphs through their dedication to their work – a dedication that includes God rather than leaves Him at the church.

Does God Work Here?

Does God Work Here?

Ministry Today Magazine recently published an excellent article featuring 21 business owners, each of whom intentionally practices faith as an essential element, not only on Sunday, but in the totality of every workday. Businesses featured include those involved in automotive sales, specialty industrial services, cupcake baking, personal injury law, construction, roofing, auto parts, leisure time gaming, jewelry manufacturing, real estate, mortgage, and manufacturing, to name a few.

All of these companies have a serious concern as to how to accurately represent God to their clients and their employees as they express their God-given desire to make, fix and serve. Instead of preying on clients and using employees they pray for them.  They intentionally develop relational communities that, as they work and do business together, lift one another higher.  I encourage you to read that article at Ministry Today.

These entrepreneurs are not full-time gospel preachers: they don’t assault their employees or clients or subcontractors with biblical knowledge but witness powerfully through the integrity of their lives revealed in their businesses. This opens doors for them to be bold in sharing faith when appropriate, praying for needs shared, invoking the power of the Spirit to heal, and simply encouraging those around them. Yet they do not shy away from aggressively doing their business.

Although God’s name is not in the title of each business, he is at the heart of each enterprise. Surely they admit to being far from perfect, but even how they model faith in dealing with difficulties and failures is a lesson to those with whom and for whom they work. You probably noticed that some of the arenas in which these business leaders run their businesses are not the industries with the greatest of reputations.

Still, they walk a fine line as they erase the separation between church life, home life and business life. Neither profit nor prophet are eschewed. Here are 7 powerful ways I see that these business owners expressing their faith at work.

  1. They are called to the work they do.  They do the work they are called to, well.
  2. They work long and hard.
  3. Many have lost everything at one time or another.
  4. They are grateful to God in their failure as well as their success.
  5. They love God and they recognize he loves them and the work they do.
  6. They love, in very practical ways, those they work with as well as those who work for them.
  7. Their generosity toward their community is part of their lifestyle.

They do these things with boldness. They overcome hurdles everyday that challenge success and faith. They keep their eyes on God and rely on him. Their work is not their God but their God is in their work.

Now it’s your turn:  

Which of these 7 characteristics challenges you the most?

Please scroll down to the comments section below and leave your thoughts. 

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